The Montana Mask Instructions

Thanks for purchasing the Montana 3D Printed Mask. This article will help you custom fit your mask and get the best out of it. 


1) FIT TEST: Remove mask from bag and perform a fit test by putting it on your face. You should have a close fit around your face and chin. If you would like to customize the mask for a better fit, place the mask in warm water (or carefully with a hair dryer) to make the plastic malleable but not melt. Then quickly place on your face and gently shape the mask to your liking.  If you still have a substantial gaps, please let us know as you might need a smaller mask. 

2) Add head strap bands

3) Install filter. The fuzzy side should be facing outside, and the shiny side inside towards your face. The flange will keep the filter in place. Make sure you have all edges inside the flange and there are no holes/gaps in the filter from not placing the filter correctly into the port with the flange.

4) Wipe down the mask with a saniwipe or wash with soap and water. While rubbing alcohol will work, it will damage the mask and make the plastic brittle after several uses.

6) Your mask is ready to use!

Daily Care and use

Wipe down the mask with a saniwipe after each use, or simply wash with yoiur favorite hand soap and water. Do not put in the dishwasher. Depending upon the amount of use, you should change the filter every day. We have extra filter packs available in our store.